Tamworth Start Up “Brewing Up the Recipe” for Business Success

George Greenaway has brewed for twenty years and worked with most brewers locally and some nationally on festival brews. The growth of micro pubs and microbreweries has been exceptional in the last five years. Many factors conspired to encourage him to take the opportunity to setup the brewery. Suitable premises became available and the availability of the services of a stainless-steel engineer meant that he could adapt equipment to remain within a realistic budget.

George received support to help him start his new business venture from Enterprise for Success by attending the Start-up Masterclass as well as receiving bespoke business advice and grant application support to help with development costs, a grant that was approved by Tamworth Council.

His locally assigned business advisor also assisted with additional business planning support for second stage of finance through a business start-up loan.

George says:

“I am really grateful for all the support from Blue Orchid in helping me establish this business”


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